It doesn't matter how good you are at what you do if no one knows you do it

You may want to create an impact that will accelerate your brand & build notariety. You may want to generate more clients or sales. 

But you can’t do anything if they have no idea you exist.

That’s where publicity comes in…

WHY Bridgetta & Wadjet PR?

It’s all WHO you know in this business. See & be seen. We’re social people. What we do goes WAY beyond getting invited to lots of parties. We understand how to translate what may seem like frivolous online interactions into meaningful engagements that build brand recognition, loyalty and affection. 

We know where your audience is, what they’re doing, and the best ways to connect with them. It’s like knowing the dress code for every occasion, the right wine to bring to the dinner party, and whether a rom-com ot thriller is the best choice for movie night. 

You don’t want to crash the party, You want to be on TOP of the VIP List. 


We help position you as an expert in your respecting field and get the world to believe it!


Everything we do is customized to meet your goals, whether that’s to achieve more sales, leads, and/or notariety, and more. We create & build an in brand press kit designed specifically for you & your niche. Bridgetta is an intuitive visionary publicist, notorious for thinking outside of the box. 


We work one on one with our clients to ensure they have the tools to impress potential customers, clients, patients, etc with every opportunity and placement to gain credibility in your field. We comb your platforms with a fine tooth comb to make sure all messaging & visuals are aligned with your vision,  in-brand, and consistent- as consistency is key!



It’s not enough to get in front of the right audience. You need to know how to leverage each and every opportunity for more clients, sales and opportunities. Bridgetta is a creative, seasoned publicist who knows the ins and outs of the media industry. 

Wadjet PR was built on integrity & trust. Bridgetta has been in front of the camera and behind for many years, and as an Entrepreneur herself, knows many stories of publicists not living up to expectations. Bridgetta keeps her clients informed weekly (if not daily) of what’s going on, and results speak for themselves.

Our recent press speaks for itself. Check out our current publications HERE



Bridgetta has managed multiple book tours, film tours, comedy tours, signings, trade shows, and more. 


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