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Bridgetta Tomarchio
Mark & Matt Harris

Success Stories

" We’ve known Bridgetta Tomarchio for seven years now both socially and professionally."

Professionally she has been spot on and at the top of her game. Working with us and brands to be included in our celebrity events. Always bringing top notch clients to our association in a swift professional manner. In addition with her media contacts was instrumental in securing a radio show for us to promote our different brands. Socially she has always been a delight to see at networking events again to help expand our media exposure in Hollywood and beyond. We look forward to growing our relationship with her.

~ Mark & Matt Harris

Wow Creations

Sam Hasson

Success Stories

" I had the pleasure of working with Bridgetta on several occasions, and she’s an absolute delight to deal with. "

As my co-host on the radio show, she was always professional and entertaining. As a publicist, she’s sent some fascinating clients our way. As a friend and colleague, Bridgetta is always trustworthy and reliable. With her unique vibrant personality and a good work ethic, she’s someone who can contribute greatly to any project. Highly recommended!

~ Sam Hasson

LA Talk Radio Host

Vanessa Petronelli

Success Stories

" When I met Bridgetta and Meagan, I knew that I had found my perfect match for PR and business management. "

From being featured in major press publications and magazines online, to interviews on television, podcasts and radio shows as well as an expanded social media presence; it’s been a dream come true! I’m now impacting an industry that I wasn’t sure how I could even break into. I’m beyond grateful for our work together!

~ Vanessa Petronelli

Trance-Channel, International Spiritual Teacher and Speaker