All About Bridgetta

Before the entertainment industry, Bridgetta’s first gig was in business. Growing up in an entrepreneurial family planted the seed for the self-confidence of personal branding. From acting and dancing at an early age, Bridgetta grew up in front of the camera. She has performed as a backup dancer for Britney Spears and has been seen in numerous films, tv shows, and modeling campaigns. She has worked with many A-list celebrities, including Val Kilmer who has been a major mentor in her career.

Her on-camera success came with an expansive network, as well as the insights to help others achieve success in their careers and businesses. In 2007, Bridgetta founded Wadjet PR after developing an innovative intuitive counseling, coaching, and marketing method to benefit her clients. Wadjet PR’s client roster specializes mainly in thought leaders, coaches, speakers, and teachers whose mission is to create a positive impact in the world. Bridgetta’s Holistic Health practitioner certificate, vast experience in conscious communication, soul alignment, and uncovering patterns along with her natural intuition, plays a hugely beneficial role in how she markets her clients.

​In more recent years, Bridgetta has taken her passion of helping others improve their daily lives by becoming the host of Soul Sex Radio ( aired weekly on With 3 million listeners, she and her guests address everything from holistic health to entrepreneurial advice.

​Working with charities such as Boo 2 Bullying and her own: Teach Kids Reach Kids, she speaks to children in schools around the country about bullying and teaches them to recognize emotions in the body to help prevent bullying and disempowerment. Bridgetta is also the creator and host, in collaboration with TAP (The Artist Project), of a new weekly speaker series showcasing leaders in their prospective fields who help up-and-coming talent.

Bridgetta is the CEO of Wadjet PR, Consulting, and Management.