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Elite Business

Calling all Entrepreneurs, Start-Ups, Coaches, and even Corporations

Have you always dreamed of launching your own company, or turning your hobby into a career?

Maybe you’ve already got a great platform/business but strive to be further along and can’t seem to figure out what needs to change to achieve your goals?

You think you’re ready for Public Relations, but if you were to land a major media outlet such as Good Morning America, Ellen, etc, TOMORROW,  would your business be able to handle it? If not, Coaching is for you

  • Foundation and support structures 
  • Accountability and guidance
  • Business goal and strategy development
  • Program strategy development & execution 
  • Help create, build & launch your online programs and/or launches
  • Overcome limiting beliefs and mental barriers that limit success and performance
  • Weekly conferences 
  • 48hr  Voxer support

Business coaching is a place for personalized guidance to make your Brand a success. As every business is unique, coaching timelines differ for each Brand. Coaching could be 1 month- 6months. Bridgetta will assess where you are at and tailor a plan just for you. 

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Book Coaching/


Don’t stress over writing your book! Whether you’re a first time author, or have written MANY books, with these simple tools, and proposal guidelines taught by Bridgetta, you’ll be completely set up to get that publisher and/or agent you’ve always dreamed of! Bridgetta’s proposals are highly received in the publishing world. You WILL get results. 

  • Accountability & guidance throughout the process
  • Book outline support
  • Proposal strategy 
  • Co-creation of an on-brand book proposal 
  • Pitch publishers your creative work 
  • Pitching your book to strategically aligned agents
  • Weekly conferences 
  • 48 hr Voxer support



Bridgetta and her team are seasoned professionals in the Public Relations field. With a boutique PR firm that’s been around since 2007, their motto is Results Driven. They’ve got thousands of placements for their clients that bring Brands that work with them to an entirely new level. 

  • Secure placements with consumer magazines, trade publications, entertainment magazines, syndicated news services, local market & regional newspapers & magazines, bloggers, and various major radio & tv programs.
  • Coordinate with print publications on a local and national level to generate opportunities for major press. 
  • Events management 
  • Brand positioning strategies & marketing


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Mind Body Soul Life Coaching

We all can get stuck in the same old web of life at times. But you have the ability to move and change your web, re-create your story. Mind Body Soul Coaching is about finding the deep-rooted beliefs & patterns in your life and shifting them through positive changes. By working your Mind, your Body, and your Soul at the same time, the trinity of healing creates permanent and positive transformations in your life instantaneously!

​Life can throw you off your balance at times, and my goal is to get to the seed of your problem to create instant transmutation. When we live in an unbalanced, chaotic world, we sometimes forget who we are and need to be only reminded! 

  • Are you wanting to make positive changes in your life but aren’t sure where to start?
  • Are you feeling stuck somewhere in your life?
  • Mental, Physical, Emotional Cloudiness?
  • Want to look better in body, feel better in mind and spirit?
  • Want the support and guidance you need for clarity?
  • Let’s clean out your closet of past belief systems into a more effective system for you to be top of your game in all aspects of your life!



Bridgetta has grown up in the industry and been on both sides of the camera. She has pitched and shows and knows how to build a solid pitch deck, one-sheet, and promo videos for getting meetings with networks and production companies. Bridgetta’s proposals are highly received in the tv/film world, and her contacts are endless. 

  • Brainstorm, calculate, strategize concepts
  • Co-create one-sheets
  • Co-create pitch decks
  • Co-create promo reel
  • Attach names to the casting process
  • Monthly conferences 
  • Pitch/ introduce to networks and/or production companies 
  • Collaborate throughout the pitching/selling process 
  • Assist in terms of negotiations with networks and/or production companies


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