‘Write Your Damn Book Already!’

A Fool-Proof Step-by-Step Workbook

procrastination -> purpose -> published

Maybe you’ve been thinking about it for a while, maybe you’ve written down a few ideas, or have started writing. Regardless the action or inaction you’ve taken, writing a book  should be at the top of your to-do list.

I hear one of two things from new clients: 1) they start writing and feel stuck in the book writing process. Or 2) they keep putting it off with the excuse of “when I have more time” or “more of an audience” or “when I’m better known in my industry.”

It’s all future related excuses and just more and more procrastination

This is why having the  knowledge and support of a book coach is extremely helpful in going from concept to published.

Having published a book helps your credibility and enhances your career.  Authors are more likely to receive press, get featured, and be quoted in media outlets more than people who don’t have a book.

Authors have notoriety, and with that comes the assumption of you being an industry-authority and you’re more trusted. Authoring a book gives you more leveraging power, and opens more doors to exposure, creating more opportunities, all of which leads to personal brand growth and sales.

When you’re recognized and seen as an expert in your field (and your published book will do that for you), you can go right ahead and charge more for your services. 

Is there still a part of you that isn’t fully confident in asking for the full value of your knowledge and expertise? 

A book elevates your professional standing like no other product or service can. Why should clients choose you over your competitors? Because you’ve literally written a book on your subject. You’re now seen as an expert in your niche.

For years I’ve encouraged my PR clients to write a book to help skyrocket their career. I’ve coached hundreds of writers and helped them get published. Ninety five percent of my clients get signed.

ALL have been published. The process is quick, easy, and I help you every step of the way! I’ve created a really simple, fool-proof process, where I also share the secrets within the book industry!

But let’s get real about something here – coaching costs money and so does investing in my coaching packages. This option isn’t going to be right for everyone. 

That’s why I’ve created my “Write Your Damn Book Already!” Workbook to support anyone who wants these simple fool-proof steps to go from procrastination… to published.  

Purchase the workbook and as a bonus, you’ll have access to the Facebook group. Join and get support from other blossoming authors just like you who are already using a copy of the step-by-step workbook to take their brand to author-status!

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