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I’m elated to partner with Wadjet PR, Consulting, & Management,” Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York states. “I believe in collaboration, leadership, and following your heart. Wadjet PR is the company I trust to expand my vision into the US market and beyond. Together we will continue to spread my mission through the smile of a child, the health of a nation, and from the heart.
Sarah Ferguson
Duchess of York
Author | Philanthropist
Wadjet PR Agency is the best investment I've made for my business. To be honest, it’s more than a PR Agency, Meagan and Bridgetta and the whole Wadjet team work endlessly to bring your vision to life - to get you placements, and to make your name known. If you have a goal, a dream or vision for your brand, it’s never too big - the next question is always followed with “Great, let's make that happen…” Bridgetta goes above and beyond for her clients and Meagan does the same! I feel and know, I have a team who has my back - and that is an incredible thing to say. I’ve had more media placements in 6 months than I had over the span of years. Yes, I was known in my niche and successful but for where I’m heading and what I want for my brand and business, I knew I needed to invest in a different direction. Bridgetta and I work closely on strategy, branding and my vision - most of all she takes my vision to a level beyond what I even see. She is invested in you and you feel it. Bridgetta is insanely knowledgeable, passionate and combines her background, love for what she does and for her clients, with her, go-getter ambition and you have the exact person you’d want in your corner. For the first time in a long time I feel like I have a team supporting me that has my vision and holds me to one even larger than what I see for myself. Wadjet is more than a PR Agency, they believe in you and treat your business like it’s their own. Simply said, they make it happen! If you’re wanting to take your brand to the next-level, get noticed and viewed as an expert, increase your visibility and up-level your career - Wadjet PR Agency is the way to go!
Melissa Kathryn
Weight Loss Expert | Transformation Coach | Author
Bridgetta, Meagan, and the Wadjet PR team truly know how to take your vision and mission and amplify it to a whole new level. Before I started working with Wadjet PR, I wasn’t sure that what I was looking for and needing in my business even existed. When I met Bridgetta and Meagan, I knew that I had found my perfect match for PR and business management. I’ve had many wonderful opportunities as a result of our work together that’s expanded my visibility and message across North America. From being featured in major press publications and magazines online to interviews on television, podcasts, and radio shows as well as an expanded social media presence; it’s been a dream come true! I’m now impacting an industry that I wasn’t sure how I could even break into. I’m beyond grateful for our work together!
Vanessa Petronelli
I absolutely LOVE working with Bridgetta, Meagan, and the Wadjet PR team. Thanks to them, I have been featured in more major media outlets than I can count and my brand has grown significantly. It’s not just about media placements though. Before working with Wadjet PR, I was an expert in my field and known well within my smaller community. But after working with Wadjet, my reach expanded tremendously. They helped position me as an expert on the global stage, including getting my name in front of key publications, brands, and celebrities. In short, Wadjet took me from where I was to where I knew my brand was meant to be.
Nicole Moore
CEO Loveworks Method
Celebrity Love & Relationship Coach
We’ve known Bridgetta Tomarchio for seven years now both socially and professionally. Professionally she has been spot on and at the top of her game. Working with us and brands to be included in our celebrity events. Always bringing top-notch clients to our association in a swift professional manner. In addition with her media contacts were instrumental in securing a radio show for us to promote our different brands. Socially she has always been a delight to see at networking events again to help expand our media exposure in Hollywood and beyond. We look forward to growing our relationship with her.
Mark & Matt Harris
Wow Creations
Celebrity Events
Working with Bridgetta is like walking the red carpet. The treatment is incredible, from communication, strategies, contacts in her industry to being able to talk with someone who truly gets it and understands your needs. She takes it very personal and goes above and beyond to help you in any way she can. A true gem with an amazing spirit and loving nature.
Angela Martin
Liv&B Designs
Bridgetta is one of the most dedicated,* hardworking, and innovative people I’ve had the pleasure of working within any capacity. She is also courageous, compassionate, kind, and never misses an opportunity to help others. She often volunteers her time in the community and she is incredibly generous with the annual charity function she organizes to raise donations for children in need at Christmas. She is passionate about health and yoga and even has inspired me to do more for myself. Bridgetta is the type of person you can count on to find a creative and workable solution in a stressful situation, and her positive attitude is contagious.
Angeliki Frangos
Content Manager
I had the pleasure of working with Bridgetta on several occasions, and she’s an absolute delight to deal with. As my co-host on the radio show, she was always professional and entertaining. As a publicist, she’s sent some fascinating clients our way. As a friend and colleague, Bridgetta is always trustworthy and reliable. With her unique vibrant personality and a good work ethic, she’s someone who can contribute greatly to any project. Highly recommended!
Sam Hasson
LA Talk Radio
I love working with Bridgetta and her team. She has helped me and my business grow very fast. Her expertise and experience have motivated me to create bigger goals and feels comfortable attaining them. I’m happy that I agreed to work with her, I was afraid of putting money up for yet another marketing and PR person after so many regretful contracts but I have no regrets about working with her. She has helped me a ton with strong direction, helping me rebrand where it has been necessary and has grown my following immensely! I will continue working with Bridgetta and would recommend her to anyone.
Jimeye Designs & Shine Your Light Wellness Center
Jeweler | Psychic | Healer
In all the years I’ve known Bridgetta, she proves her value again and again to clients! She is masterful at PR and marketing. Her event planning is the next level; she somehow innovates creativity every time. Strong work ethic, personable, and knows how to build relationships. Bridgetta is an asset to any company!
Marcie Peters
Nutritionist | Author
I have known Bridgetta since 2006 and have both had a working relationship and a friendship over that time. Professionally, Bridgetta is a hard worker, networks with the best of them, and always has a positive attitude. That’s not to say she doesn’t get frustrated, but when she does, she takes a step back, assesses the situation, and comes up with the best solution to get the job done. She is personable, loyal, and has a “different” kind of sense of humor. I know, if I ever need help, she will bend over backward to get me in front of the right person. Bridgetta has many interests and will always try to learn everything she can about whatever industry she is working in.
Marc Romeo