Calling all Entrepreneurs, Start-Ups, Coaches, and even Corporations...

Have you always dreamed of launching your own company, or turning your hobby into a career?

Maybe you’ve already got a great platform/business but strive to be further along and can’t seem to figure out what needs to change to achieve your goals?

You think you’re ready for Public Relations, but if you were to land a major media outlet such as Good Morning America, Ellen, etc, TOMORROW,  would your business be able to handle it? If not, Coaching is for you!

  • Foundation and support structures 
  • Accountability and guidance
  • Business goal and strategy development
  • Program strategy development & execution 
  • Help create, build & launch your online programs and/or launches
  • Overcome limiting beliefs and mental barriers that limit success and performance
  • Weekly conferences 
  • 48hr  Voxer support


Business coaching is a place for personalized guidance to make your Brand a success. As every business is unique, coaching timelines differ for each Brand. Coaching could be 1 month- 6months. Bridgetta will assess where you are at and tailor a plan just for you.