Tony Robbins, Jay Shetty, Gabby Bernstein, and others didn’t get where they are today by accident. They are the #1 leading business and life-strategists for a reasons.

They had support, a strong brand, and the drive to make their dream business grow.

If you’re a writer, speaker, coach, influencer, celebrity, public figure, or personal brand who has drive, and you’re looking for support and someone to help you develop and scale a strong brand and message, it’s time to hire a business and branding coach who is decades-deep into the work of building and scaling personal and celebrity brands.

Hi, I'm Bridgetta! You like already know me, but just in case this is our first introduction, I've helped define and scaled hundreds of personal-brands as a publicist.

From speakers, authors, coaches, celebs and more, collectively I've helped them earn multi-millions in their specialized industry and attracted hundreds of thousands of followers across all social media channels.

As a publicist and agency founder, I know what people want from you, whether it's huge media outlets or your biggest raving fans. Do you?

If not, I'm here to help!

A business coach clarifies your messaging, supports you in setting clear goals and milestones, rounds out your brand, and knows how to position you for scale and growth.

Do you have someone to support you in the organization of your brand, systems, and content?

Are you all over the place and need help identify goals along with accountability to work towards them in a timely manner?

I’ll help you make a plan to reach a specific goal and take the right path to where you want to get.

Working together will help you develop the skills that you need to keep your company sustainable and scalable in the long run.

This coaching program is custom designed around YOUR individual needs, industry, and goals. 

Given the personalized attention offered, we are able to focus on every aspects of your business.

Business coaching is not a canned “follow this system and protocol”. Eww, no. It’s a personalized process, guided by someone who’s helped hundreds of  individuals create a successful personal brand

Coaching timelines differ for each brand, from one month, six months, or beyond – I’ll assess where you’re at and tailor a plan just for you.

in just a few months:

You’ll be PR ready! With the following and more:

✨ brand book (colors, typography, and visual aesthetics)

✨ a powerful bio

✨ website design or redesign

✨ mission statement

✨ message clarity

✨ optimizing website

✨ brand messaging

✨ call to actions

✨ keywords

✨ optimizing ways to grow your email list (freebies, downloads, offers that are on brand.

✨ social media analysis

✨ social media templates

✨ marketing strategy

✨ talking points as your niche, authority, and industry leader

COACHING includes:

✔️ Foundation and setting up support structures 

✔️ Accountability and guidance

✔️ Business goal and strategy development

✔️ Program development, strategy, and execution 

✔️ Support in creating, building, and launching your online programs

✔️Overcoming limiting beliefs and mental barriers that limit success and performance

✔️ Weekly calls 

✔️ 48hr Voxer support


You think you’re ready for PR, but if you were to land a major media outlet like Good Morning America, Ellen, or any major media spot as soon as tomorrow, would your business be able to handle it?

Let’s find out. Book a call!