From Procrastination to Purpose to Published!


Fool-Proof Step-by-Step Group Coaching & Guidance to land your book deal!

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write your damn book
easily with step-by-step coaching

Maybe you’ve been thinking about it for a while. maybe you’ve even already written down a few ideas or even started writing. Regardless, writing should be at the top of your to-do list.

I hear from clients just coming to me how they start writing and felt stuck at some place. Or they keep putting it off until they have more time, or more clients, or they’re more known, or something to do with the future which is all just more and more procrastination! 

This is why having the  knowledge and support of a book coach can be extremely helpful in taking you from concept… to published.

Writing a book does so many magical things to your credibility and truly does enhance your career.  Authors are more likely to receive press, get featured, and be quoted in media outlets more than people who don’t have a book.


Authors have notoriety with the ability to come across as an industry-authority, and are more trusted. Essentially, authoring a book gives you more leveraging power, and opens more doors to exposure, creating more opportunities, all of which leads to personal brand growth and sales.

When you’re recognized and proven as an expert in your field (and your published book will do that for you), you can go right ahead and charge expert prices for your services. 

Is there still a part of you right now that isn’t fully confident in charging for the full value of your knowledge and expertise? 

A book elevates your professional standing like no other product or service can. Why should clients choose you over your competitors? Because you’ve literally written a book on your subject. You’re now seen as an expert in your niche.


These 60 Days will be a fun packed and easy way to get past procrastination to discover your book’s purpose. Each attendee will receive a Write Your Damn Book Already! Workbook, which is an easy, step-by step, foolproof template for your book proposal that you’ll need to pitch your book idea to publishers. 

Bridgetta will guide the group step-by-step, going over each section, guiding you with your writing and answering all of your questions, so that you easily attaining your goals.

We’ll move quickly each week, and attendees will have homework to have completed by the following group call to stay on track. She’ll go over the completed work on the next call and then move on to the next section.

Calls are weekly, are 90-minutes, and recorded so participants can watch the replays!

Meet Bridgetta Tomarchio

For years I’ve encouraged my PR clients to write a book which skyrockets a career

I’ve coached hundreds of writers, helping them get published. 

My track record? Ninety-five of my clients have been signed. ALL have been published. 

The process is quick, easy, and I help you every step of the way.

It’s a simple, fool-proof way, and I know MANY secrets of the book industry!


> Do you have a book idea, but don’t know what to do next?

> Do you want to write a book, but procrastinating?

> Feel overwhelmed? Not sure where to start?

>  Feel unsure about your niche or positioning and unsure about what to write first?

>  Have you written your whole book but feel paralyzed, not sure what to do next?

> Have you self-published before, but didn’t get the sales you wanted?

  If you answered YES to any of these questions, then this 60 Day Book Accelerator is for YOU!

Join us on a journey and break free of blocks, nail your niche, create your proposal, and land the book deal of your dreams.

Whether you’ve got a full manuscript drafted or are just starting out with a new fiction or nonfiction idea, I am here to for the support you need. Coaching includes a series of foundations for your platform, coaching calls, and customized feedback aimed at giving authors a jump-start on their proposals. This step-by-step approach will help you define your project with confidence!

A book coach (sometimes called an author coach or a writing coach) takes a more hands-on approach. That means being part teacher, part editor, part project manager, part cheerleader. My coaching clients typically work with me for anywhere from two months to a year (if it’s a novel not written). We work on everything from just an idea, to already written manuscripts that just need to be in proposal form for pitching.

I’ve been in the business a long time, and have a solid book proposal skeleton that every publisher each time always praises how fantastic they are as its clear, concise, visual, and lays out why the publisher should invest in you and your ideas.

If you hire me for one-on-one coaching, I can help you with everything from:

  • Co-creation of an on-brand book proposal
  • Easy to do book proposal skeleton that is guaranteed to get seen & read by publishers
  • Help clarify your writing goals
  • Help brainstorm a concept that will appeal to the current publishing industry
  • Accountability & guidance to help you reach goals faster
  • Support & feedback on your writing journey
  • Step by step planning of your story
  • Proposal strategy
  • Proposal includes market research & analysis by an expert, design, marketing & PR plan, and a solid layout of who you are, why this book will sell, and more
  • Pitch publishers your creative work
  • Pitching your book strategically to aligned agents
  • 48hr Voxer support
  • Weekly zoom meetings

I’ve been a book worm my entire life. I would read scripts, plays, and books for A-list talent in my career, and I’ve got dozens of clients publishing deals. I have strong story and market knowledge, excellent project management skills, and strategic planning to help you develop both your story, marketing platform that appeals to publishers, and design.

Sometimes, what a writer needs most is someone to give them deadlines and create accountability. The book coaching model includes weekly or bi-weekly deadlines, and Zoom coaching sessions.

Depending on the category, depth, and length of your project, it typically takes two months (or up to 1 year for a novel), to complete your book proposal for publisher and/or agent submissions.

I work with many authors who have already self published, traditionally published, award winners, and I love working with first time authors. If you want someone to help fine tune your craft, and provide accountability and support as you navigate the publishing industry, contact me about book coaching today!


Will my book be ready to pitch/publish after I work with you?
Your book proposal will be ready to pitch publishers after you work with me. You will receive a beautifully designed, in brand book proposal to pitch to publishers 

Will you help me pitch to publishers?
Yes! We love pitching to publishers, and they love receiving our book proposals as our proposals are designed to be exactly what they’re looking for in a proposal.

Whether you’re a first time author, or have written MANY books, with these simple tools, and proposal guidelines taught by Bridgetta, you’ll be completely set up to get that publisher and/or agent you’ve always dreamed of! Bridgetta’s proposals are highly received in the publishing world. You WILL get results!