Loving and learning motherhood at the same time

Long before there were hospitals to deliver in, women were having babies at home — often in the same bed they themselves were born in.

I was always told- you can have a birth plan but prepare for anything! After 30 hrs of hard labor at home, all natural, the scariest thing happened. I couldn’t stop pushing, and each push my baby’s heart tones were going down. He was stuck, I was in tremendous pain and so so scared for him. We only had one position left to try and so we made the decision to go to the ER.

As the ambulance pulled up, I could only climb onto the gurney on all 4s and was strapped in that way. I was terrified and brought in for an emergency c section and given an epidural. As I was preparing, my midwives spoke to the dr who said she would try with forceps. So change of plans once again, and forceps were used. We were terrified and so worried for our baby. Within minutes he was born and again I was so scared as he came out stunned, then only started crying after we touched him. He was almost 10 lbs which was why we had trouble!

What an incredibly hard journey we had but he was here. Days later I had to be readmitted to the hospital for an infection. It’s been a short but heavy load these past 12days. I’m so grateful for my partner, @jimimerk who has been such a rock for us. Our boy is Healthy and strong as can be, and I’m so very grateful to be his mother. What an intense journey we both endured and we have done some healing on the process as well. I love my bundle of joy! There is nothing like being a mother! I love him more than anything and am so proud to be his mom. Blessed be!

There are so many pro’s and con’s of doing a home birth. Ours was amazing, with our midwives, my partner and family close by, doula, and photographer, we set up a spiritual place that is right for us to bring Lucian into the world. One of the con’s has been repairing my body after childbirth and the unexpected need to visit the hospital after the birth. Everyone is well, and we still believe in the choices we made. Just remember, things rarely go as planned!


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