Gratitude is love

Giving and doing beautiful things should come straight from the heart. The heart is a pure place which loves to love and loves to give. It would never expect anything in return, a thought of that sort would never even cross the mind. If you’re doing things to expect a result, then ask yourself where is this fear coming from? Expecting a result from giving is fear based.

Where are you feeling lack? As true giving, #gratitude, is love.

The sun #🌞 is a beautiful example. It’s so full of fiery passions of brightness. It gives to us daily to illuminate our paths, to feed us. It’s still shines thru the darkest days. It doesn’t expect anything in return, it just is present.

Have gratitude for the things, people, events that do show up in your life. Focus on the beautiful positives. When you feel so full of self love, all you want to do is give from the heart. #❤️