Soulmates connect us to our soul

Soulmates connect us to our soul. We have this instantaneous deep connection. We are drawn to them in ways we haven’t ever felt before. They are also the ones who come in and force us to look at our reactions and our own patterns. This can stir up a lot of energy and emotions.

Sheryl Sandberg said it best, “We cannot change what we are not aware of, and once we are aware, we cannot help but change.” Soulmates help us point out what to change in order for our own growth. Growth and comfort do not coexist. At first it won’t be easy, and may seem like a pivotal moment, as it is pivotal for your soul to see and self advance. You’ll feel a strong, heavy weight pushing down on your soul. It may appear this is from your soulmate but they are only the catalyst. The weight is energy acknowledgement from your soul wanting to shift. This tension is exhausting until you choose to see and confront that soul lesson weight. It wants to be lifted off of you.

We do have free will so if you choose to work through your soul lesson with your soulmate, the weight lifted that you had been carrying for so long will feel like such a delicious freedom after your ascension. It will allow an even stronger love connection to yourself, your soul, and your soulmate.

If you choose to walk away, this lesson will keep showing up until you choose to work thru it. The weight you then will carry will be even heavier and mask itself in other ways. Why would you want to carry such a burden?

Why would you deny yourself from that growth now?

I choose to work thru my lessons as they are pointed out. Why would I cheat myself to prolong my own growth and happiness any further? If you do so, that would be your ego speaking and not your soul.

Stay close to the ones who raise the elevator in your soul. For they ARE worth the time.

What do YOU choose?