Bring out the deeper most inter-parts of yourself and in others.

I choose to have deeper levels of connection with others. I want the people I surround myself with to be naked with their emotions and vulnerability. It is there that I feel safe.

It’s taken me years to get to this point. For years I hid my true self, my emotions, thoughts, truest desires behind the cameras, behind partying, escaping reality and running away from dealing with any intimacy. Few magical people saw thru that and we are still friends to this day.


The journey through yoga is what helped me get inside myself to truly grasp my inner demons and stay true to myself. Its funny how we can have so much fear of the good, of deep connection that we sabotage it and run away from this.

But this is where the yumminess is. This is where we can feel at our best. To know we are loved and accepted for all that we are as a being on this planet.

This is what God, source, universe talks about. This is our lesson. To get uncomfortable baring our souls and then realizing how safe and free we truly are in doing so. This is the word.